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In an age where many have become addicted to buying “out food” more than making their own meals at home, we consider ourselves a breath of fresh air bringing back the passion of preparing and presenting food that gives oneself – not to mention families – a true feeling of satisfaction.

Whether you are a working mother looking for a quick and easy meal or whether your a housewife looking to make the perfect Eid biryani… Whether your a health freak looking or whether your a dessert fundi looking for confectionery guaranteed to give you the biggest sugar rush – our page caters for it all. We are also extremely interactive with followers, and respond to recipe requests via email as well as do weekly giveaways to help  (in particular) smaller or home based businesses to grow their following and reach a greater target market.

All recipes posted on the Instagram page are also completely halal without the inclusion of any haram ingredients or alcohol. Our food reviews are also requested to be from halal establishments so that we do not encourage anyone to eat from haram venues.


Available in Part 1 to Part 4

Each book has a range of meal courses to impress you family and friends as well as learn new tricks. Start filling up your Recipe Box today by contacting us.