@prestige_beautyza review

@prestige_beautysa #review
Have you heard of prestige beauty?
I recently did a mani and pedi with @terisha_naidoo_ and My nails have been shining from the first day of my Bali vacay to the very last and longer! She is amazing!
I could not resist trying out their moisturising lip balm range called “Zoya hot lips” available in a variety of shades.
They also offer facials, hair, makeup and massages! Everything under one roof 😍

Follow @prestige_beautysa on Instagram. They offer tip to toe treatments to make you feel gorgeous! Contact 0872366456. Visit www.prestigebeauty.co.za. They are based at 508 Windermere rd Durban.

@simply_lasers heliocare review

@simply_lasers heliocare tinted gel #review

I definitely did not want to wear makeup on my Bali vacay but still wanted my pictures to have a flawless finish. And so the Heliocare Gelcream Colour SPF50 was perfect – it provides both sun protection and a slight tint to even out the skin.
The lightweight fluid texture is comfortable to wear and non-greasy plus it comes in two skin-enhancing shades, designed to give the skin a healthy radiance while also hiding mild redness and discolouration. A combination of physical and chemical UV filters provide complete broad spectrum protection throughout the day while innovative Fernblock™ (an extract sourced from a fern with the ability to protect itself against the sun’s rays) provides high quality antioxidant protection to prevent DNA damage within the cells.

Suitable for all skin types, massage into clean dry skin every morning at least 30 minutes prior to sun exposure.

Tinted facial sunscreenHides minor imperfectionsLightweight, oil-free formula Suitable for all skin types
Call 0313031451 to order!
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Glamwich review


@glamwich #review
I’ve been waiting to visit @glamwich again and I’m so glad I finally got the opportunity to visit especially because their menu boasts some new exciting dishes which are now officially my favourites!
I indulged firstly in the parfait which I was eagerly awaiting. Granola yoghurt parfait with honey and pomegranate. Who knew such a simple dish would bring this much joy. “Layers of happiness” they call it. And yes, it most definitely is!
I am beyond excited about their new addition  – chicken salad! Bedazzled chicken, served with bulgur wheat, avo, peppers, greens, chickpeas, jelapenos and Rosa tomatoes. My kind of light lunch! The sauce and spice on the chicken is exquisite.
The other two open sandwiches were ones I’ve tried before but are still firm favourites:
The enchanted Mediterranean veg – with Aubergine slices, red peppers, hummus, topped with peppadews, olives, balsamic dressing and haloumi. We added jelapenos and sriracha of course!
I absolutely adore the bedazzled chicken. Succulent farm fresh chicken strips and red peppers grilled in coconut oil, on a bed of baby spinach with coriander pesto, topped with avo, jelapenos, chillinaise and garnished with sesame seeds!
Follow @glamwich on Instagram. They are based at 295 Florida rd and are Sanha certified. Pay them a visit soon and soak up the fun atmosphere and cool vibes!

Alkhair honey Review


@alkhairhoney #review

Looking for Muharram gifts? @alkhairhoney has just launched their new limited edition “cooking aid” range Mexican glaze honey –  It is a special formulated blend of herbs and spices together with the best quality honey😍 it comes with a wooden wok spatula and silicon brush so that you can baste and stir to your hearts content. It is gorgeously packaged in a hessian bag with a stitch of beautiful pink ribbon!
I love the thickish consistency of the honey. I had a little taste and the spicy Mexican zing hits your tastebuds first, followed by a calm sweetness! I can’t wait to use it this week. I will be drizzling it over an open avo flatbread, using it in a stirfry and also making some Mexican glaze honey chicken! Be sure to look out for it!
Having established itself as the market leader since 2002, @alkhairhoney prides itself in bringing innovative and authentic pure honey based products to the market. Follow them on Instagram and Facebook. You can purchase their products at www.thehoney4u.com

The economics of love and happiness by shafinaaz hassim review

The Economics of Love & Happiness by @shafinaazhassim #review

The main character in this story is Romina Desai – an artist with an interest in global politics. She falls in love with a black journalist – Ismail, and he tells her about his investigation into human trafficking in South Africa. She also comes to know about his personal life and the issues he has to deal with internally.
Shafinaaz has a way with words that captures the reader. Each scene and situation is described so meticulously that you are wholly sucked into the moment, and ultimately into the book. I also learnt so much throughout the book, feeling a myriad of emotions along the way.
I loved that the ending was realistic and caught me by surprise. This is how any book should make you feel!
Follow sociologist and author @shafinaazhassim on Instagram to see what other works of fiction and non-fiction she has created! Purchase her books online at www.loot.co.za


@randzdistributors #review


@randzdistributors1 Dyson Hairdryer #review 

I don’t generally dry my hair. Yes, air dry works well for me! But…after @randzdistributors1 sent me this Dyson how could I not want to use it 😍

I have negative memories as a child of rushed hair-drying before school mornings. The LOUD dryer on extreme heat and my scalp boiling hot by the end of the drying session not to mention a few strands of hair being pulled and sucked into the fan of the dryer in the process. I hated it! 

I love that the Dyson has temperature control – you can dry your hair with cool air and save yourself from scalp burn. It also is much lighter in weight than other hairdryers, and the motor is placed in the handle – not the head, which prevents any hair from getting sucked in! 

Your hair dries much quicker with the Dyson and leaves it looking shiny and healthy! There is also minimal sound. Yes you can finally have a conversation whilst drying your hair 🤣 I don’t have frizzy hair, but for every girl that does – this is your dream come true. 

Follow @randzdistributors1 and contact 0827865023 to order yours today! 

@drraebaker #review


@drraebaker #review 

(Dressed by @zeenyb in Arabella Couture) 

@drraebaker is a leading homeopathic doctor, biohacker, bodytracker, offering functional medicine with a special interest in weight loss and aesthetics. 

When I go on holiday, I eat and I gain weight. Recently, I travelled to turkey with @drraebaker and it is the first trip I did not gain weight. She ensured we all had well balanced meals, sufficient protein and also glared at me if I stopped for ice cream 😬

It was also the first holiday I slept so little and shopped so much – also because of Dr Rae – but that is a story for another time. 🤣

Whether she is doling out herbal meds for aches and pains, insomnia, regulating menstrual patterns…stocking us up on vitamin D or spraying us with sunscreen – @drraebaker is my go to homeopath and this serves as an appreciation post. 

Follow @drraebaker on Instagram, visit them at 460 peter Mokaba Ridge rd (get some @legendsdiner while you’re at it) and contact them on 0312099319

@l_eclair_ Review


@l_eclair_ #review 

I received four new flavours from @l_eclair_ to try out and I am so impressed 😍

Caramel Crunchie 

Coconut Craze 

Blue Bubblegum 

Burfee Delight

Although I enjoyed all, my two faves by far was the bubblegum which was so yummy, and gave me wicks bubblegum vibes, as well as the burfee which tasted as close to burfee as an ice cream eclair could taste. I savoured the delicate klim and elachi flavour. 

These babies are ideal for your Eid table so get ordering! 😍

Follow @l_eclair_ on Instagram and dm them them or WhatsApp 0847866244 to place your orders today 

Sweet and innocent review


@sweet.and_innocent #review 

Last week I also received a birthday drop off from @sweet.and_innocent 

“Floral tones descend on lightly dusted layers, filled and plumped and primped to transcendence… Presenting the Pirouette, a Mille Feuille lover’s fantasy coming full circle…” #sweetandinnocent #millefeuille #millefeuillepirouette #pietermaritzburg #teatime

It was decadent to say the least. Light, and smooth, filled with cinnamon and happiness. Not to mention – sugar free, guilt free 😍

Thank you ❤️

@dlishcuisine #review


@dlishcuisine #review 

Last week, for my birthday I was treated to this absolutely gorgeous peonies fault line cake from @dlishcuisine 

How stunning is the effect? So intricately done and even more gorgeous in person! The cake was moist and icing perfect as always. @dlishcuisine is by far my favourite baker in the world – although I may be a little bias on this one. 

Thank you for being a fab host @fatimahabdulla_ and thank you to my special cousins and friends for giving me one of the biggest surprises of my life @zeenyb @drraebaker @the.rock.workout @tasmiyabobat @blingbybinte @sabehaskitchen @fatzakoo @nafeesajoosab @shaista_tar @shameeraosman @halimamoosa @hallimajoosab @bibzjoosab