Designer fragrances review

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I received 4 deliciously smelling blast cans!

Classic cherry – an extremely strong cherry flavour leaving the room as fruity as ever when sprayed

Fresh linen – Floral and clean. Removing odours with ease.

Vintage 1957 – this gave a me a cologne vibe and is my favourite!

Blackode- a strong mix of different garden scents (or what it seemed to my nose at least)

My favourite was the oud velvet tag which now hangs in the car. What a beautiful oud scent. Sweet and woody with a soft rose scent!

Designer Fragrances Blast Cans are perfectly designed to not only freshen up any space but are also suitable as a freshener for clothing, footwear, carpets, sofas, vehicles & much more.

Blast Cans are high pressured CFC free aerosols with added sanitising & odour eliminating properties which means they are great to be used as an all round freshening up product. Available in a range of 4 invigorating fragrances that are inspired by designer scents such as Black Code, Vintage, Fresh Linen & Classic Cherry.

Available to purchase online from their website,
Free shipping for orders over R150
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Royal pharmacy review

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Royal pharmacy is based at 301 burger st, Royal Hospital, Pietermaritzburg. They guarantee the widest variety of medication across any independant pharmacy in the Midlands as well as the best possible price. They deliver throughout the midlands area and courier accross the country and their service is second to none.
What’s new and exciting is that they’ve started to administer IV drips (first pharmacy to do so). I am loving the calming wallpaper in this room and it gives off a serene vibe making you feel really comfortable.

The staff and owner, Mr Ashraf Ballim, were kind and considerate, constantly checking on me and providing water throughout the process. I was administered with the following drips:

Myers cocktail which helps with the ffg:

1. Increase in Energy levels
2. Helps with Chronic fatigue syndrome
3. Increases Stamina
4. Increased Endurance
5. Better Focus
6. Better Memory
7. Reduction in muscle Cramps
8. Fibromyalgia
9. Depression and Anxiety
10. Enhanced immune function

Works very well when used in combination with the *pain infusion* to enhance the effects of the pain therapy and ensure the effects are longer lasting

Iron infusion

1. Increased red blood cell production leading to better oxygen intake and reduced fatigue. Ideal for athletes, people wanting to lose weight, gymers and fitness freaks
2. Replenishes iron in anaemic and thalasaemic patients

Glutathione infusion benefits:

1. Skin lightening
2. Anti aging effect
3. Reduces Scarring and pigmentation
4. Helps with Skin tags and “panda eyes”
5. Helps with Fibromyalgia and neuropathic pain

A few hours after I got home I noticed a huge difference in my energy levels. I also felt refreshed and ready to take on the world. The glow from the glutathione was also evident. I felt the effects last most strongly for about a week and slowly decrease thereafter. I would recommend visiting at least on a 3 to 4 week cycle. The only regret I have is taking two drips at one times, as I have very small and sensitive veins and it caused slight strain.

If you need an energy boost accompanied by an amazing glow – you know where to go. Follow @royalpharmacy_pmb on Instagram and contact 0338151690/1/2/3. You can also whatsapp them on their dedicated whatsapp number 0721399048

Shazmins patisserie review

@shazmins_patisserie ice cream Macarons Review

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I’ve posted about these before and May repeat the same things again because they are just as good if not better as the last time.
These will not just make your day. They will make your life!
Firstly, it came in a handy little cooler bag with an ice pack – perfect storage! The packaging is neat, adorable and absolutely perfect. Each ice cream macaron is individually packaged and labeled with a flavour and then packed into a carry on box.
I received flavours coated pistachio, Rose & coconut, baklava, double chocolate, Nutella and jasmine rose. I enjoyed the taste of both the decadent ice cream and melt in your mouth macarons.
All flavours were amazing. My favourites have got to be the rose and coconut, subtle yet so potent, the baklava – tastes exactly like baklava transformed into an ice cream macaron and the jasmin rose has stolen my heart. Rose and jasmine and white chocolate and so many perfectly blended flavours hitting your palate all at once – OMG! I can’t wait to try out more flavours!
Ideal for anytime treats, a sweet gift or a delicacy at any function.
Follow @shazmins_patisserie on Instagram. Contact them on 0645112658 or email They are jhb based but have stockists nationwide!

Simply lasers review

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Had a quick mesopeel at @simply_lasers yesterday – it is best when accompanied with microneedling. It left my skin feeling hydrated and smooth! It is particularly effective for under-eye circles.
What are the benefits?
  • softer skin with a smoother texture
  • Reduces fine lines
  • Improves the appearance of imperfections
  • Treats mild acne
  • Reduces spots
  • Unifies skin tone
  • Brightens complexion
  • Purifies skin
I love that @simply_lasers always invests in new and updated machinery – offering the highest value and quality ensuring perfect skincare ❤️

Call 0313031451 to make your appointment!

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@radicalproducts #review

@radicalproducts #review

I fell in love with this pencil crayon bench as soon as I saw it. I was sent one with “kitchen queens” engraved on it. My nephew was also occupied for quite some time getting all the pencil crayons lined up perfectly. Thank for you this innovative, creative and gorgeous gift 😍
Personalized Pencil Crayon bench!
Perfect gift for Teachers, or anyone who loves stationery!
Includes Engraving and Pencil Crayons! We deliver nationally.
Contact us now….
Tel: 011 681 0037
Whatsapp: 011 681 0037
Instagram: @radicalproducts

Pretty prints official review

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I always trust pretty prints with my printing because they make everything picture perfect, whether it’s t-shirts or passport covers!
Recently I ordered a t-shirt from them and along with the t-shirt they sent me some goodies. A t-shirt that says “Thou shalt not try me – Mood 24:7” (how accurate 😉 – not to mention the best quality!) and 4 stunning scrunchie hairbands in different styles and colours! I can’t wait to wear them.
Follow @prettyprints_official to see more! We guarantee you will LOVE! ❤️

Zahra’s pure butter puff pastry review

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I received some pure butter puff pastry for pies, filled Nutella twists and date and nut pastry from @zahras_purebutterpuffpastry
The pastry is light and crispy. I enjoyed both the Nutella twists and date and nut pastry – it was filled perfectly and was not overpoweringly sweet. A great tea time snack. Preparation was really easy. Just 30 minutes in the oven at 180 degrees and it was perfectly baked and ready to snack on.
Follow @zahras_purebutterpuffpastry on Instagram and order your goodies. Available in pmb, Durban, port Shepstone and Kokstad. WhatsApp 0733786590 to order.

Lokma vakti review

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@lokmavaktimecidiyekoy is a store called “Lokma Vakti” based in Mecidiyeköy, Istanbul
It is owned by a sweet South African couple who recently migrated to Turkey and have made it home!
On first look, you would think that Lokma’s are drop donuts. But there is so much more to them. Crispy donut like deliciousness filled with chocolate cream (white or cocoa) and then drenched in your milk, white or dark chocolate and toppings of your choice!
They were so light and crispy and delicious 😍 we all shared 2 rounds effortlessly. We enjoyed Turkish tea afterwards too. One of the highlights was probably also just having South African conversation in a foreign country 🤣❤️ Thank you @mr_saley and @the_mumfluencer for being the kindest hosts! We hope to catch up again soon!
Follow @lokmavaktimecidiyekoy on Instagram and be sure to visit them when you are in Istanbul, Turkey for a delicious treat! I hear they will be expanding their menu as soon as they can and be bringing bits of South Africa to Istanbul – can’t wait!

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@hellodarlings_ Bali review

@hellodarlings__ Bali vacay was so full of fun!
We did activities and water sports like jet skiing, banana boats and parasailing!
We also visited turtle island where we got to see some HUGE turtles, bats, toucans, a python and loads more!
We also enjoyed some shopping! Bali collection is quite close to @ayodyabali and had some great deals. We also visited Beach Walk in Kuta for a grand shopping experience!
We had massages galore and of course what’s a trip to Bali without visiting a Bali swing 😍

@hellodarlings__ had everything planned so efficiently and we made the most of every second. On our last day we even got to enjoy Halaal Ubud Burger!

@transitionshealthcare #review

@transitionshealthcare #review
Sadia and Fazeel are Nutritional Therapists whose main aim is to help you bring back the balance in your body by improving and maximizing your well-being.
I was there for roughly 2-3 hours and absolutely loved every second because I learnt so much! They are so well informed and willing to spread their knowledge with the purest intentions imaginable.
The assessment is quite simple. You hold on to an electrode for about 2 minutes. It is non invasive, no needles, chemicals or radiation. It then processes a 90 page report assessing the level of functioning of each of your organs, exactly what you are lacking in your body, the vitamins and minerals you need and assessing the root of all ailments.
It was personally a life changing experience for me. Shukr although being overall healthy, I did learn that I was taking a lot of vitamins unnecessarily. I also found out that my vitamin C and E was low, and that my digestion needed a boost and my gut health some help too!
I was impressed that all this information was provided in a short space of time. And also that all vitamins are organic and tested for efficacy and can be purchased from them. The cost for this kind of process is actually minimal. I also loved that it was a holistic experience, not only the focus on nutritional wellbeing, but mental, emotional and spiritual too.
After 8 weeks of taking the vitamins, apple cider vinegar, collagen etc that I need I will go back for another assessment and see the improvement.
They also have a specific machine that emits vibrational therapeutic frequencies to balance the chakra which they include as part of the session with them. They tell you what foods to eat, and what to stay away from – and specify and customize according to what your body needs. Thank you for an amazing analysis!
Follow @transitionshealthcare and contact Fazeel on 0826767500 or Sadia on 0822272750 to make your appointment!