Restaurant 2020 review

@restaurant__2020 review

Indulged in the most delicious meal from @restaurant__2020 with all my favourites!
We were served an array of dishes including the lamb biryani, chicken tikka cubes and prawn tikka masala with naan.
The  aroma of the lamb biryani was something else, next time I will ask for it to be spicy though!
The chicken tikka cubes were absolutely succulent and cooked perfectly. I love the seasoning and flavour.
The prawn tikka masala (I didn’t get a good picture) was my absolute favorite. Filled with spice and zest and served will soft fluffy naan! I relished it.
Everything was served with a delectable side salad of course.
Follow @restaurant__2020 on Instagram. Visit them in Blue Lagoon, DURBAN. Contact 0313032423 To order.

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