Jasmins bridal review

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As soon as I walked in to Jasmins bridal to find my wedding dress – I noticed and was super impressed with their variety, range and quality!
I tried on a few and finally found the dress of my dreams! The gorgeous lace cape attracted me the most and I knew this was the one.
The sales assistants were so friendly and helpful and possibly the most efficient people I’ve come across in a long while.
A tribute to Quraisha – who was part owner and has passed on. From the little I knew of her was the sweetest, kindest and most co-operative person. May Allah grant her the highest stage in Jannah and grant her husband Shabir, kids and family ease.
Follow @jasminsbridal on Instagram and contact them on 0312084982. Visit their stores in Umhlanga, Ridge Rd and the CBD.
We absolutely adored our wedding dream team who are some of the most outstanding service providers in the country and I will be posting about them for the next 5 weeks.

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