Dlish cuisine review

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How absolutely stunning was this wedding cake to fit my rose gold and geometric wedding theme?
Fatimah is my sister in law but I can promise that I am not being bias when I say that she can makes the most intricate cakes and also replicate any cake you send her an image of, if not make it way better.
I completely left the cake to her because I knew her imagination would produce the amazing result it did. Most of the cake was dummy besides the top layer – which was decadently delicious and I wish I could have eaten more.
What I love most is that her cakes are not just pretty, they are absolutely delicious too! Moist sponge and perfectly sweet butter cream to tantalize any taste buds!
Thank you for this work of art. Follow @dlishcuisine on Instagram and contact her on 0837860677 for all your orders.
We absolutely adored our wedding dream team who are some of the most outstanding service providers in the country and will be posting about them for the next 5 weeks.

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