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Mariam and Aadilah – a team of talented sisters are out to make the world a more delicious place with their exceptional cookie baking talent!
“Pure buttery goodness” and “not your average cookie” are extremely apt for the amazing cookies that they create! There are 5 fabulous flavours:
  1. Nutella stuffed – topped with hazelnuts and Belgian chocolate. Love that Nutella oozing out 😍
  2. M&M ChoC chip – loved the Belgian chocolate oozing out with the crunch of the mnms!
  3. Classic oat chip – oats, almond and chocolate chip. An all time favourite.
  4. Reeses P.B – belgian chocolate chunks with crunchy peanut butter and reeses pieces of course! One of their most innovative ones.
  5. Birthday cake – topped with sprinkles and a hidden buttercream centre. I love birthday cake flavoured anything but this took my breath away. My favourite 😍😍😍
I am so so impressed. With the stunning packaging, the innovative flavours and the delectable cookies themselves! Great job girls. I can see your talent continuously growing and your business soaring IA ❤️
Follow on Instagram and get ordering! They are based in PMB and Durban but courier nationwide. DM them or email on Instagram to order!

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