@transitionshealthcare #review

@transitionshealthcare #review
Sadia and Fazeel are Nutritional Therapists whose main aim is to help you bring back the balance in your body by improving and maximizing your well-being.
I was there for roughly 2-3 hours and absolutely loved every second because I learnt so much! They are so well informed and willing to spread their knowledge with the purest intentions imaginable.
The assessment is quite simple. You hold on to an electrode for about 2 minutes. It is non invasive, no needles, chemicals or radiation. It then processes a 90 page report assessing the level of functioning of each of your organs, exactly what you are lacking in your body, the vitamins and minerals you need and assessing the root of all ailments.
It was personally a life changing experience for me. Shukr although being overall healthy, I did learn that I was taking a lot of vitamins unnecessarily. I also found out that my vitamin C and E was low, and that my digestion needed a boost and my gut health some help too!
I was impressed that all this information was provided in a short space of time. And also that all vitamins are organic and tested for efficacy and can be purchased from them. The cost for this kind of process is actually minimal. I also loved that it was a holistic experience, not only the focus on nutritional wellbeing, but mental, emotional and spiritual too.
After 8 weeks of taking the vitamins, apple cider vinegar, collagen etc that I need I will go back for another assessment and see the improvement.
They also have a specific machine that emits vibrational therapeutic frequencies to balance the chakra which they include as part of the session with them. They tell you what foods to eat, and what to stay away from – and specify and customize according to what your body needs. Thank you for an amazing analysis!
Follow @transitionshealthcare and contact Fazeel on 0826767500 or Sadia on 0822272750 to make your appointment!

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